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Welcome to First Grade at Saint Philip Neri School!


My name is Mrs. Tisoskey. I have been working at SPN for 10 years! I am very excited to be teaching first grade. I look forward to teaching your child and exploring the world of 1st grade with them.


Highlights of the School Year

Religion~ We will be learning about God, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit. Also, we will learn about the Liturgical Year, saints, special feast days and prayer.


ELA~ Students will build phonemic awareness and develop phonics skills to learn to read. We will share a variety of literature~ fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


Math~ We will be learning to  

            *add and subtract within 20.  

            *understand place value.  

            *tell and write time.  

            *measure units and graph data.  


Science~ The topics, studied in Science, are weather, matter, the human body, and plants.


Social Studies~ Our topic of study in Social Studies is The Individual in Primary and Social Groups: Understanding School and Family Life.